Zombie Reddy's first byte released....

Director Prashant Verma, who won the national award with the film Awe…! In 2018, has made the film Kalki, with actor Rajshekar as the hero of. With two films, Prashant Varma earned a name as someone who comes up with an interesting story. Now, the director is coming up with the film Zombie Reddy. The first bite teaser of the film was released by actress Samantha.This teaser starts with the dialogue ‘Daivam Manishi Rupena’ which is very interesting to see. The visuals and background music in the teaser are also very good. The film will come with the concept of what happens if people become zombies by the corona. With this teaser, the expectations from the film Zombie Reddy have skyrocketed. This is the first Tollywood film with the concept of zombies. The film stars Teja Sajja, Anandi and Daksha. The shooting of the film has already been completed. Post production work is completed and the film is going to be released in theaters soon.

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