Zombie Reddy teaser on 5th December

Director Prashanth Varma made a name for himself with the films Awe! And Kalki. He has created a lot of buzz when he announced his next ‘Zombie Reddy’. This film will be the first to bring the concept of zombies to the Telugu audience. Teja Sajja, who is well known as a child artist with his films Indra and Balu, and for impressing Tollywood audience with a key role in 'O Baby', is playing the lead role in Zombie Reddy. The film will have Anandi and Daksha playing the leading ladies.Since its announcement, fans have been eagerly waiting for updates on the film. Now, the latest update from the team is that the film’s teaser will be released on 5th December. The film’s shoot is wrapped up and it is currently under post production.

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