ZEE5 readies fun-filled web series 'Maa Neella Tank’ This Sushanth-Priya Anand series to premiere from July 15!!

Hyderabad, 24th June, 2022: ZEE5 has been relentlessly dishing out a wide variety of content in various formats in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi, Bengali and other languages. ZEE5 has made a name for itself nationwide as a prominent streaming platform since its inception. The streaming giant has been streaming 'Roudram Ranam Rudhiram' to a blockbuster response.

On the web series front, ZEE5 has been spectacular. After presenting the comedy-drama 'Oka Chinna Family Story' from Pink Elephant Pictures, 'Loser 2' from Annapurna Studios stable, 'Gaalivaana' from BBC Studios and NorthStar Entertainment, it most recently came out with 'Recce'. It is presenting yet another web series, which is both novel and refreshing.

'Maa Neella Tank’, which marks the OTT debut of Tollywood actor Sushanth, is gearing up for streaming. This one is a fun-filled web series marking the return of actress Priya Anand to the Telugu screen after a gap of 10 years.

The 8-episode series is a feel-good village dramedy. Set in a village named Buchivolu, the series has an exciting premise. MLA Kodandanm's son Gopal threatens to jump into a defunct water tank if his love Surekha doesn't come back. Kodandam is embarrassed at what his son is up to at a time when elections are around the corner. His relative Narasimham, meanwhile, attempts to tarnish his image and wrest power. In the same village, a Sub-Inspector named Giri is assigned the job of bringing back Surekha if he has to get a transfer out of the village. There ensues a cat and mouse game between the two political rivals, with Gurumurthy desiring to mint money from repairs to the water tank. The defunct tank and the naive Surekha become tools in the hands of selfish men with petty goals.

The series has been directed by Lakshmi Sowjanya.


Sushanth as Vamsi
Priya Anand as Surekha
Sudarshan as Gopal
Prem Sagar as Kodandam
Nirosha as Chamundi
Ramaraj as Narasimham
Divi as Ramya
Annapurnamma as Boonemma
Appaji Ambarisha as Ramana
Bindu Chandramouli as Bhargavi
Sandeep Varanasi as Subbu
Lavanya Reddy as Revathi

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