Zee Telugu Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship Launch Press Release!!

Hyderabad, 24th January 2023:  After the super success of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – The Singing Superstar in 2022, Zee Telugu announced a fresh edition of the popular reality show recently, but with a twist. Unlike prevision seasons, for the first time, the battle will not be between fresh contestants, but between the champions of the show! With a vision of providing a unique platform to the most talented singers of the Telugu-speaking states, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship will see winners and outstanding performers from all the previous seasons compete against each other in four teams of six participants.

Over the years, we have seen several passionate singers come onto this very stage to write their destinies and achieve their dreams with millions cheering for them. However, with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship, Zee Telugu is searching for the Ultimate Champion Team amongst the participants and winners of the previous seasons of the reality show. Interestingly, each of the four teams will be led by a mentor with the contestants performing solo, duet and group acts throughout the season. Promising to be an entertaining show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship premieres on 29th January 2023 and will air every Sunday at 9 pm, only on Zee Telugu.

While the show’s announcement had got everyone excited, the leading GEC channel across AP and Telangana – Zee Telugu – organised a grand event for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship before its premiere and it was lapped up by the media. It was an evening to remember for each and every one. In fact, with big dreams and aspirations gleaming in their eyes, a few of the top contestants made their presence felt at the launch event as they crooned their hearts out in front of the media. The musical extravaganza also witnessed stalwarts of the music industry as well as the judges - Mano, S.P. Sailaja and Ananth Sriram - along with the mentors - Sri Krishna, Saketh, Prudhvi Chandra and Ramya Behara, charismatic anchor Pradeep Machiraju & Voice Trainers Siva, Srikanth - appeared in front of the media and spoke about the uniqueness of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship.

The charismatic host of the show and the launch event Annapurna presented various AV and introduced the judges, the contestants and the mentors. Everyone is now truly kicked about seeing Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship, every Sunday at 9 PM from 29th January 2023, only on Zee Telugu.

Please find the pictures here: https://fromsmash.com/kkeKA1M5oD-dt

Talking about the unveiling of the show in a grand manner, the Chief Content Officer of Telugu cluster - Anuradha Gudur - mentioned, “Over the last decade and a half, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has successfully created a legacy that inspires and resonates with millions of people across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. In fact, we saw new levels of fanfare for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – The Singing Superstar in 2022. In order to continue entertaining our audience and providing talented individuals across the Telugu-speaking states a platform to showcase their talent once again, we came up with a unique edition of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship. I am sure the brand-new season will deliver wholesome entertainment with the champions of our recent versions of the show going head-to-head against one another. With a lot of expectation from the audience, we wanted to give Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship the perfect launch and hence, we decided to organise a unique press conference along with a musical evening and we hope our loyalists shower us with a lot of love and respect.”

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship host Pradeep Machiraju also chimed in and mentioned, "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is one of the most prestigious reality shows of the Telugu television industry and I am honoured to be a part of this iconic show once again. This time around there is a twist and it will be a battle of the Champions and I am sure it will be a never-seen-before experience for the viewers of Zee Telugu. I hope to entertain the audiences with my wit and humour as well as inspire the talented singers to give their best."

With the Champions coming back, get ready to be a part of this exciting musical journey with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Championship, airing every Sunday at 9 pm from 29th January, only on Zee Telugu

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