Young Hero Santosh Shobhan Lining Up Crazy Projects!!

Picking the right kind of subjects is essential for talented young
heroes to win the patronage of the Telugu audience. There's no better
way to achieve it than by doing good and fresh scripts.

Talented young actor Santosh Shobhan is making the right moves with this regard.

His previous films, Manchi Rojulochaiae Ek Mini Katha gave him decent
limelight and recognition. They established him as a mainstream young
hero in Tollywood. He started off his career with Golconda High School
and is now regarded as a talented young lad.

Santhosh is currently busy with Like Share Subscribe which is
releasing on the 4th of next month, a new rom-com.

He is also on course to work with UV Creations for 2 projects. He is
also committed to do a film with the highly successful Swapna Cinemas.
Nandini Reddy is directing this film and it is titled Anni Manchi

His upcoming film Like Share Subscribe is set for release.The trailer
also looks very promising. He has a very promising line up ahead of
film, we must say. Apart from that, Santosh is also signing multiple
OTT projects. He was already seen in OTT content like The Grill, The
Baker and The Beauty, and others.

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