Witness the Queens fight it out one last time during the finale of Super Queen season 2!!

Hyderabad, 19th July: One of the most loved reality shows of the Telugu-speaking audience, Super Queen season 2, has been entertaining viewers since its premiere. The popular reality show, that sees the most-celebrated women of AP and Telangana compete in different tasks, has now reached its finale and it’s finally time to crown the ultimate Queen. The second edition of Super Queens saw an impressive line-up of contestants from across the region, fighting for the coveted crown, and the grand culmination of Super Queen season 2 will present viewers with an epic finale battle, when it airs on Sunday, 23rd July at 11 am, only on Zee Telugu.

The semi-finale had concluded with a dazzling display of beauty, talent, and grace, leaving the audience mesmerized. And the grand finale of Super Queen season 2 will be no different! The finale episode will begin with the host, Pradeep Machiraju, making an entertaining entry onto the stage with all the finalists – Likhitha , Mounika, Prashanthi, Jhansi, Suhasini. Each contestant will then go on to share their experience and heartwarming journey on Super Queen and the amount of prep that has gone into the finale. After moving the audience with their words, the participants will go on to compete in the final set of exciting tasks and prove their mettle one last time.

From lifting bricks to an exciting weight game, and much more, the Queens will showcase their strength as well as grace like never before during the finale. And with the Queens being just a step away from the crowning ceremony, they will go all out, making the Super Queen Season 2 finale something to watch out for! But that’s not all! Apart from the nail-biting competition, viewers will also get to witness some special performances by Sushasini, Mounika, Likitha, and Esther, which will leave everyone hooked to their TV screens.

The search for the ultimate Super Queen has been thrilling and exhilarating this season, with the show creating a platform for talented women to showcase their beauty, intelligence, and grace to the world. However, it remains to be seen who will emerge as the winner amongst the participants. Stay tuned this Sunday to find out..

As Zee Telugu gears up for Super Queen 2’s grand finale, don’t miss out on the epic battle and dazzling performances this Sunday, 23rd July at 11 am, only on Zee Telugu!

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