Vishwak Sen Launched The Theatrical Trailer Of Shiva Kandukuri, Bharath Pedagani, Proddutur talkies,Sri Vijaya Films’ Manu Charitra!!

Young hero Shiva Kandukuri’s upcoming film Manu Charitra under the direction of debutant Bharath Pedagani is gearing up for its release. Megha Akash, Priya Vadlamani, and Pragathi Shrivatsav are the heroines in the film produced by N Sreenivasa Reddy under Proddutur talkies banner.

Hero Vishwak Sen launched the theatrical trailer of the movie. Going by the trailer, Manu Charitra is an intense love story. Shiva plays an intense role and he has different love stories at different ages. However, he breaks up with all the girls for some reason. He has enmity with some people who are looking for the opportunity to finish him off.

Shiva Kandukuri is damn good in the role. He ably showed variance in his age. Although the love stories aren’t long-lasted, there is magic in every story. The trailer also suggests the movie will have some intense action.

Rahul Shrivatsav’s cinematography and Gopi Sundar’s background score are major attractions.

Manu Charitra will release worldwide on June 23rd through Sri Vijaya Films.

Cast: Shiva Kandukuri, Megha Akash, Priya Vadlamani, Pragathi Shrivatsav, Suhas, Daali Dhananjay, Srikanth Iyengar, Madhunandan, Raghu, Devi sri Prasad, Pramodini, Sanjay Swaroop, Harshitha, Garima, Lajja Shiva, karan, Gaddam shiva, Pradeep.

Technicians List:
Written & Directed By: Bharath Pedagani
Producer: N Sreenivasa Reddy
Release: Sri Vijaya Films
Music Director: Gopi Sunder
DOP: Rahul Shrivatsav
Art: Upender Reddy
Editor: Prawin pudi
Lyrics: Sira Sri, KK
Choreography: Chandra Kiran
Action: ‘Real’ Sathish, Nandhu
PRO: Vamsi Shekar

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