Viral photoshoot : Actress Nabha Natesh As Legendary Comedian Charile Chaplin!!

Nabha Natesh is master of setting temperature soaring with her red-hot
glamour show. The actress often shares eye-pleasing pics of herself in
sizzling outfits and provides glamour treat to her followers.

Now, the actress has tried her hand at cosplay as she sported the
famous ‘Charlie Chaplin’ look in this dress-up photoshoot.
Thanks to the tuxedo and the make-up, Nabha looks strikingly similar
to the master entertainer Charlie Chaplin. These photoshoot pics going
viral now on internet.

Nabha had already proved herself as a capable performer with films
like Ismart Shankar, Nannu Dochukunduvate and Solo Brathuke So Better.
She is waiting for that one catalyst film that catapults her to the
big league.

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