Venu Sriram's next film with PSPK...

Dil Raju's way of handling and execution of "Vakeelsab ". He reportedly agreed to do another film in Dil Raju's production banner and this is great news to the star producer considering that he is a huge fan of Pawan.

The "Bommarillu " producer is now in search of a good story for power Star and grapevine suggests that he asked " Vakeelsab " director Venu Sriram to write a suitable story. The MCA director is rumored to be penning down the story keeping the star's mass image in mind and it is expected to be narrated to Pawan soon.

Along with Venu Sriram, the news is that Dil Raju ended approached a few other directors and writers as well to come up with a perfect story for Pawan Kalyan. If power star Pawan Kalyan collaborates with Dil Raju for the second time, it is going to be a complete commercial entertainer as per sources. Let us wait and see what's going to happen.
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