Varma's positive response to Upendra Prajakia Party

Ram Gopal Varma is constantly broiled in controversies. In an interview, he also said that he likes attention and that is the reason why he makes controversial remarks. Now, the latest news is that RGV has responded positively to Upendra’s Prajakia Party. The Tollywood director who long stopped making mainstream films, now  earns publicity through his responses on social media. Varma, who always creates some controversy by his comments, rarely responses positively. People on social media also follow Ram Gopal Varma and make his tweets and comments viral. In such a scenario, his positive comment too has become viral. Ram Gopal Varma commented that he really appreciates Upendra for his organisational changes in politics. Ram Gopal Varma tweeted that this is a great turn around politics. He also posted the party's website. Upendra replied saying Thank You Sir.

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