Update very soon on the Sohail-Chiru movie

Syed Sohail Ryan of Bigg Boss Season 4 who has reached Grand Finale has become quite popular than before though he started his acting career in 2008 itself. He earlier acted in films, Kotha Bangaru Lokam, Janata Garrage, and Sarrainodu, and Eureka and acted in  couple of serials too is now acting in a film being made by the producers of George Reddy.

Chiranjeevi's assurance during the prize distribution of Bigg Boss that he will act in the film of Sohail came as a blessing for him. While script work is going on for his film, a special sequence is being designed to suit the stature of Chiranjeevi who may appear duing the climax which is going to be the major highlight.

While Chiranjeevi is yet to be approached with the details of his character, Sohail is confident that he will meet Chiranjeevi once the full script is ready. Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi has not given any clarification on his assurance again which is giving room for some speculation whether he is going to be a part of Sohail's film or not.
We need to wait until Sohail takes a final call on this and offcially declares the presence of Chiranjeevi in his film which may take some more time according to the uptade available.

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