Is Tuck Jagdish Also Into OTT Release..?

Nani Doing Three Films in Row. Presently He is at work with tuck Jagadish. directed by shiva nirvana. initially, the movie Team planned TUCK Jagadish release on 23rd April. but all plans are reversed due to corona.

This is a family entertainer with a huge cast while Thaman composed music. There are high expectations for this film but it may not release any time soon due to the second wave of the coronavirus. As films these days are looking at OTT Platforms as the safe Route, there is a talk about 'Tuck Jagadish ' having a digital release.

It is reported that Nani has said strictly to his producers not to sell it to online streaming services. Natural star Nani's last film 'V' had an OTT release and it disappointed the audience Badly. So, Nani doesn't want to make the same mistake again for his present movie ' TUCK JAGADISH'.

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