unanimous response to the 'Just a Minute' teaser!!

Abhishek Pacchipala, Nazia Khan, Vineesha and Ishita starrer in the film 'Just a Minute'. Dr Dharmapuri Prakash is producing this film along with the Red Swan Entertainments banner. Purna Yashwant is the Director. The film is in the censor works after the post-production work has been completed. Recently the teaser of this movie was released. Everyone who saw this teaser gave a nice appreciation. Best wishes to the film team. The film is getting ready to release in theatres soon.

Producers of the director said, "It is an entertaining film with a good love story. Abhishek Pacchipala, who became popular with the movie 'Edu Chepala Katha', gave a good performance as the hero. He chooses different genres of stories for each film. He entertained entertainment with 'Eedu Chepapa Katha' and family drama with the movie 'WiFi'. Now he will be entertained with the film as a comedy and love entertainer. Jabardast Phani's comedy will be the highlight. The teaser is getting a good response. SK Baji who became popular with 'Bullet Bundi' has given the music for this film. Sixteen-year-old Rayyan Mohammed has scored the title track of this film. The four songs in it are impressive. Currently, the sensor is in the works. We will release the film soon,' he said.

Abhishek Pachipala
Nazia Khan
Jabardast phani
Duvwas Mohan
Satish Saripalli
Prakash Adda

Technical experts

Story screenplay
Arshad Tanveer
Abhishek is green
Fani Jabardast
Arshad Tanveer
Rambabu Gosala
SK Baji

Vishnu Priya
Mohan Bhogaraju
Swarag kirtan

Associate Editor - Associate Director
Karthik Dharmapuri

Rajasekhar Ippakayala
Kalyan Ram
Durga Narasimha
Executive Producer
Such is Surisree
PRO: Madhu VR
Red Swan Entertainment
& Dr. Prakash Dharmapuri
Directed by: Purnas Yashwant

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