'Tuck Jagdish' team to release lyrical video song "Inkosari Inkosari" on February 13

'Tuck Jagdish' starring Natural star Nani as the hero is one of the most anticipated films of 2021. Following the blockbuster movie like 'Ninnukori', the film is shaping up to be a family entertainer with all kinds of commercial elements in the Nani, Shiva Nirvana combination. Ritu Varma and Aishwarya Rajesh are playing the lead roles in Nani.Sahu Garampati and Harish Paddy are producing this movie which is being made as Nani's 26th movie under the banner of Shine Screens.

Music Sensation S. Tyman music is an asset to this film. The film crew has announced that the lyrical video for the song "Inkosari Inkosari" composed by him will be launched on February 13 at 9 am The song was shot in the film on Nani and Ritu Varma.There has been a tremendous response to the release date poster released so far. In that poster, Nani's look of being ready to be a groom among family members went viral.Prasad Moorella is working as the cinematographer for the film, which is being directed and written by Shiva Nirvana. Praveen Pudi is the Editor and Venkat is the Fight Master.

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