Trending Movies In Two Parts !!

The filmmakers now say the two parts are one and the same. It is also said that the new trend. I don't know if it's really necessary or set for a trend but .. many people now say that the two parts are the same...

Rajamouli is the beginner for this... It is our responsibility to continue it says this generation of directors.
Bahubali thought of the same movie when it started. But he said the second part will be there in a few days. As mentioned, the two-part film was the biggest hit. If Prabhas is made a Pan-Indian star. Rajamouli has been made India's top director.  However, the question mark as to Why Kattappa killed Bahubali? increased the interest in the second part of Bahubali.

The KGF that came after that is also the second part coming after the first part. Rocky enters the Kolar Mines and kills everyone he thought was a very big head there. But the first chapter ends with the point that Athira, who had given up dominance over the mines for her brother, will return. And he also kept an interest in how Rocky would end up in the film. The film looks like it with the newest theme in terms of making over. That’s why KGF Chapter 2 can also bring huge openings.

Two parts of a movie are one. The story does not change. The characters don’t change. But the movie is going to be in two parts.  Bahubali, who came like that, is starting to become a trend now with the KGF rocking the country.

Already Sukumar - Allu Arjun has done the upcoming film in two parts.  Even the finishing given in the first part for the floral second part is also rumoured to be in the huge.

The news that Prabhas is also coming into the same trend is also circulating. Rumours are circulating, that Prabhas is also making a two-part Salar movie under the direction of Prashant Neil, who is famous with KGF. And that is not to say that it is real but ...overall the trend of these two parts is slowly gaining momentum. There is no problem with both parts but .. everyone should be able to tell the story at that level. If you just go for the trend without looking at it there will be no use except budget loss.

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