Tollywood sensational director R.G.V released song promo from his new movie

There is nothing wrong in saying that Ram Gopal Varma is one director whose style is a big confusion even to his adherent fans. He keeps making films and doesn’t seem to be caring whether they become a hit or a flop. The controversial director doesn’t give heed to the negative attention he gets . He also revealed that he likes attention of all kinds. In the recent times, Varma has been making films inspired from real-life events. His next project ‘Ladki” has the same approach. The film will have Pooja Balekar debuting in the industry. Pooja Balekar will be seen as a fan of Bruce Lee in 'Ladki'. She is a martial arts champion. The song promo of ‘Challenging the Male’ was released recently. In this promo, RGV focused on capturing the heroine’s beauty. The full version of the song was released on November 21 at 11 am.

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