RGV coming forward with another sensation

Everyone knows that Ram Gopal Varma is bold in making films on the underworld. The movies like ' The company' and 'Sarkar', makes us understand his grip on the Mumbai underworld. But now Ram Gopal Varma is coming before us with another sensation. Mafia in India, Underworld's Dawood is name that requires no introduction on whose  life story the web series is being made. RGV has release a teaser for the series. There is a lot of bloodshed in this web series teaser as well as RGV movies. In this teaser, he mentioned that Dawood is shown in parallel range to  Bill Gates and  Ambani . Further RGV says that "Through this series, a lot of people are going to see unknown dons as well as gang stars in this series," through his series. The series is being produced by Spark Productions. The series will be released in Telugu and Hindi.

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