Young Rebel Star Prabhas

Think of the  word Rebel Star, Tollywood fans point   to the legendary actor Krishnam Raju. The star actor got this special title because he was the one who starred in several action movies, and delivered some power-packed, rebellious dialogues. Later on in his career, Krishnam Raju chose films to suit the title. In the same line came the family heir, Krishnam Raju's nephew Prabhas. Prabhas, the young rebel star made his debut as a hero in Tollywood in 2002. With a height of over six feet and good physique, Prabhas was able to gain fans very quickly. Krishnam Raju's loyal fans  adored him too . With each of his movies, Prabhas managed to create a unique space for himself in the industry and became a national hero. All the films that Prabhas is doing now are Pan India films. The budget for each film is around 200- 300  crores. Such is his fame.

We all know him as our darling Prabhas but his full name is Uppalapati Venkata Surya Narayana Prabhas Raju. The star was born on October 23, 1979 to the couple Uppalapati Surya Narayana Raju and Shiva Kumari. Prabhas was born and spent his childhood in Mughalsarai, West Godavari district. Prabhas is the youngest of the three siblings . Prabhas did his primary education at Bhimavaram DNR School. Prabhas was just a child when his uncle Krishnam Raju had envisioned him to become a huge hero. Krishnam Raju was in Chennai at that time. He would often visit Bhimavaram for holidays, and Prabhas would hide from him as he was a shy person. Prabhas developed a passion for movies since childhood. He would watch movies one after another.

As a child, Prabhas also loved dancing. Krishnam Raju decided to make him an actor after seeing his dance. Krishnam Raju did not have any sons so he looked after Prabhas as his own child and made sure that he got the best of everything. He took Prabhas to Chennai and enrolled him in Don Bosco School there. Thereafter, Prabhas completed his schooling from Don Bosco School.  Being a shy person he would avoid social gatherings . Krishnam Raju would take him to the shooting locations. As he was passionate about films , he would get amazed at the sight of the hero and heroines shooting on the roads. Seeing them perform drew Prabhas towards acting and he started contemplating about acting. After Krishnam Raju came to Hyderabad, he also brought Prabhas to Hyderabad and he completed his Degree from Chaitanya College in Hyderabad. It was during his college days that Prabhas decided to foray into movies.

Prabhas' decision of joining films was a welcome news at his home. Everyone was overjoyed at his decision. However, before entering the movies, Prabhas decided to take up acting training and learned acting from Vizag Satyanand.

Kolla Ashok Kumar, who is famous as a villain with films like Osey Ramulamma, wanted to make a film with Tarun who was a huge success at that time. But he couldn't get the dates of the actor. The film was then postponed several times and then, the makers decided to go with a newcomer. That was when Shekhar Babu told the makers that Surya Narayana Raju's son was willing to make an entry into movies. Ashok Kumar immediately called Surya Narayana Raju and the later reacted positively. That is how Prabhas entered the movies. That movie was 'Ishwar'.  The film was an average. However, Krishnam Raju's fans were highly impressed with the entry of the heir.

Though the first film turned out to be an average, Prabhas did come clean without the dreaded "flop" remark. However, the biggest challenge he had now was to think about the subject he had to choose for his next. He went through a lot of pressure. It was exactly in such a situation that SS Rajamouli approached Prabhas  for his second film. But Prabhas rejected Rajamouli's story.

At exactly the same time senior director Suresh Krishna approached Prabhas' father Suryanarayana Raju with a powerful script. The film  Raghavendra was released on March 28, 2003. However, the film failed to live up to the expectations.  Prabhas went into introspection after this . For the third film, Prabhas' father Surya Narayana Raju approached MS Raju, who produced a blockbuster like Okkadu, and asked him to do a movie with his son. MS Raju responded positively.

So the shooting of the film  'Varsham' started in 2003 and the film was released on 14 January 2004 on the occasion of Sankranthi. ‘Varsham’ became a super duper hit. With this, Prabhas' third film turned out to be his first blockbuster. Post Varsham, Prabhas became one of the most sought-after actors in the industry.

An interesting thing happened during Varsham. It was being shot at the same time when Jr NTR was working for the film Simhadri. NTR gave a special screening of this movie to Prabhas and the later fell in love with the film. Simhadri had been  directed by Rajamouli, whom Prabhas had rejected earlier and was now  in a  dilemma,  how to meet Rajamouli. During this time, the two met at a function and Prabhas just walked up to Rajamouli and complemented him for Simhadri .  Rajamouli thanked the actor and met him for  a story narration for Chhatrapati. Prabhas  immediately okayed it .

Meanwhile movie 'Chakram'   worked well for Prabhas as an actor. Prabhas' performance in such a heavy role had impressed critics. Rajamouli,  made more changes to the Chatrapati script which impressed Prabhas.

Chhatrapati was another blockbuster in Prabhas' account. Also with this movie, Prabhas  joined the range of star heroes. Produced on a budget of Rs 8 crore, Chhatrapati tripled its collections. While Chhatrapati was being  shot , MS Raju approached Prabhas for the film  Pournami.

Pournami was released on April 21, 2006. The film had a lot of expectations as the Varsham combination - MS Raju - Prabhas - Trisha - Devi Sri Prasad - were coming together. At the same time, people were expecting a lot from Prabhas after a mass blockbuster like Chhatrapati. However, Pournami, which had a story revolving around dance, failed to impress. Even though it was good in terms of content and the songs became hits, the film was a commercial flop.

After Pournami being a flop, Prabhas went into introspection again. It was at this time that VV Vinayak handed him the CD of the Kannada super hit movie Jogi. Prabhas loved the story. The film had action elements in it . This was the first remake in Prabhas' career. The Telugu version was titled Yogi but it turned out to be a bigger flop than Pournami. Dil Raju, who had already made a name for himself as a producer during Yogi, took a new director Vamsi Paidipally and narrated the story of Munna. Prabhas okayed the story because of the confidence he had on Dil Raju. However, Munna too turned out to be a flop.

It was during this time that director Karunakaran, who is known for handling love stories well, approached him with the story of 'Darling'. Prabhas liked the story. Darling was a great success. Karunakaran showed a new Prabhas  in this film. His acting, gestures and dialogue delivery were totally new. Kajal's acting was another attraction of this film. The songs were super hit. People could see the ease and conviction with which Prabhas acted in the film. Dil Raju, who couldn't give Prabhas a hit with Munna, wanted to produce his next. Dasharath was selected as the director and the story of the film 'Mr. Perfect' was polished. The story of the film underwent many changes and it finally went to Prabhas. The film was a success and its success surpassed Darling. With two back-to-back successes, Prabhas got back in the groove.

However, Prabhas' desire to hit it big with mass cinema remained the same. At exactly the same time, Prabhas okayed a story told by Lawrence. The film was 'Rebel' which didn't meet his expectations.  Prabhas, who was in a lot of disappointment, was approached by Rajamouli,  who told him the story of Bahubali.  Prabhas loved the story. However, Rajamouli had a condition - a commitment of two years. That meant that Prabhas could not do any other film for two years.

Prabhas immediately said yes to this condition. Prabhas had the nicest thing to say to Rajamouli. However, Prabhas was in a tricky situation as he was approached by Shiva, who earlier worked as a writer for films like Simha and Brindavanam. He approached him with the story of Mirchi.

When Prabhas heard the story, he jumped with joy. He couldn't contain his excitement so he went to Rajamouli's house and told him everything that had happened. Rajamouli heard this and thought that Prabhas should not miss out on a good story. Rajamouli then told Prabhas that the pre-production work of Bahubali would take longer than expected , so he could do the movie. Mirchi went on to become a blockbuster hit. Mirchi and its interesting story was loved by both masses as well as by class audience. With the enthusiasm given by Mirchi, Prabhas happily started work for Bahubali.

However, Rajamouli and team realized one thing while filming the scenes division - that it was not possible to show the entire story at once. The film needed two parts. The cast and crew sat down and concluded the same thing. There was a positive response from everyone  regarding   part 1 and 2. Rajamouli discussed the matter exclusively with Prabhas.  Prabhas assured that he was completely ok with it. This gave a major boost to the director.

With the hero confirming that he had no problem with the duration, Jakkanna got more excited and finished off with the script for Bahubali 1. It took two and a half years for the film to be released. Bahubali 1 was released in Telugu as well as Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam. The budget, which was earlier estimated at Rs 150 crore,  gradually increased to Rs 400 crore. The team promoted it as India's Biggest Motion Picture. Just like the attention he pays for making a film, Rajamouli is also particular about the promotions and comes up with unique ways to doing it. The character introduction posters of Bahubali brought huge publicity. Bahubali 1 was first ignored by the National Media. However, after the release, the first positive response came from the North.

The Telugu audience did not like the kind of ending the first part had. They made their opinion clear that the film ended abruptly. However, for two days, Bahubali 1 brought positive talks in all languages ,  including Telugu. It should be said that the box-office collections of the movie re-wrote several records. After Bahubali 1, the hook line "Why Kattappa Killed Bahubali" became a trend. Audience began to use the same tagline wherever they went. Bahubali 1 turned out to be a sensational hit. Bahubali 1 is the movie that turned Indian cinema towards Tollywood. After this movie, everyone involved with the film had a new recognition in the industry. But this is where Rajamouli's work comes into play and the expectations from the second part skyrocketed. Bahubali 2 grossed three times more than the first part. The film  grossed nearly Rs 2,000 crore worldwide. Rajamouli, Prabhas and Rana all became National Stars at once. During the 5 years that Bahubali was in making, the rest of the cast made different films but only Prabhas was committed to it till the film was finally wrapped up. After Bahubali 1, there was actually a gap of six months for Prabhas. A movie could be made in this gap but Prabhas didn't like the idea. He stood by his commitment. Prabhas' sacrifice and hardworking for the film didn't go wasted. With Bahubali, Prabhas went to a range that no one expected. Prabhas is no longer a regional star after the Bahubali series. Prabhas and Rajamouli are credited for putting Telugu cinema on the world map.

Without having to face any dilemma as to what movie to act in after Bahubali, Prabhas committed for his next project in advance. He gave dates to his friends from UV Creations. Sujeet, a young director who received a super hit with Run Raja Run, grabbed the opportunity to direct Prabhas. That movie was Saaho. Saaho, which impressed everyone with its fresh and stylish taking, did not work well in the Telugu states as far as the commercials were concerned. However, the North audience liked Saaho. The Hindi version of the film banked a net collection of Rs 150 crore.

After Saaho, Prabhas will be playing the lead in the film RadheShyam. The film is a period love story set in a European backdrop. The film is set to release on July 16. Prabhas, who has become a national star, is choosing Pan Indian movies in a row.

Currently, Prabhas has become a busy star in India. Prabhas has a line up of three films after RadheShyam. One of them is Adi Purush. The film is directed by Bollywood director Om Routh and stars Prabhas as Lord Ram. On the other hand, he is doing the film Salar . Prabhas will also  be seen in the upcoming science fiction film directed by the famed Nag Ashwin. Apart from these movies there are more exciting projects on the line.

Prabhas has been very active since childhood. A big foodie he is and likes non vegetarian items. While most of the young boys showed  interest in cricket , Prabhas was more inclined towards volleyball. Prabhas has been playing volleyball with his friends since intermediate. Prabhas still plays the sport.

Prabhas Received the Santosham Film Award for Best Young Performer for his debut film Varsham.

He won the Critics' Choice Cinema Award for the film Darling.

He received his first Nandi Award for the film Mirchi and  won the Santosham Best Actor Award for Bahubali 1 and won the SIIMA Award for Bahubali 2.

His Hindi debut Saaho won the ETC Bollywood Business Award.

It is easy for starkids to enter the industry given their backgrounds. However, establishing themselves and creating a style is possible only when the person has passion and Prabhas is one such actor, who despite of having a film  background, carved a name for himself and grew to become a national sensation. Starting from the regional cinema, the height that Prabhas has reached  today is  just amazing and it is a source of pride for the Telugu people. We wish Prabhas does  more  films and rises to greater heights.

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