Tollywood music director makes a tune for Chennai cyclone victims

Chennai is hit by heavy rains due to the Nivar Cyclone. This cyclone has caused many people to suffer and three died. In Tamil Nadu, many families lost their homes due to this cyclone. As people are fighting to overcome the cyclone, famous music director Devi Sri Prasad is set to restore confidence in people by releasing a song without losing confidence in this cyclone. He shared a short tune of this song through his social media account. This tune is very good to hear. This song is dedicated to people suffering from cyclone in Chennai. This Nivar Cyclone been getting stronger every day. 26 flights were cancelled at Chennai airport due to the cyclone. For security reasons, small flight at Chennai airport, Trichy and Salem have already cancelled 12 flights. Authorities have set up high grounds for the safety of coastal people and fishing areas around Mamallapuram. 23 lakes and other water bodies in tirukkalukkun neighborhood of Tirupurur are overflowing.

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