Tollywood movies released in February 2021

Recovering from the corona, theaters across India have been recovering right now. As a respite, films that released in January received acceptance. Apart from Krack, no other Telugu film has received blockbuster response. Even the film RED, which was released amid huge expectations, was not as big a hit as expected. This did leave Ram a bit disappointed. The films that hit screens post Sankranthi did not gross as expected. February also saw a lineup of films. The first film to hit theatres in Feb was Zombie Reddy and it was a hit. The film grossed over Rs 15 crore and made a solid start in February. The film 'Uppena' which released in the second week of Feb, continued the success streak. It was a long time ago when Uday Kiran and Nitin received blockbuster hits with their debut film. No other hero's debut film was so successful since then. But Uppena re-wrote this history. According to trade sources, the film has grossed nearly Rs 75 crore. Allari Naresh's Naandi was also released this February. The film became a hit and brought Naresh back on track. The film is a good boost up for Naresh, who has been without a hit for many years. The film grossed around Rs 10 crore. The film, which was released amidst many speculations, was disappointing in terms of box-office records. Chandrasekhar Yeleti, who is known as a creative director and a good narrator, also directed the film 'Check' starring Nitin. The film was not as impressive as expected. Although the film was received well initially, the result was lukewarm. All in all, though the list of flops is big, the hit movies in the month covered the flops. All in all, the films that came out this February were a reassurance to the film workers and distributors.

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