Ravi Teja marks hit with 'Krack' this Sankranthi

'Krack' is the first tollywood movie that came before us in the Sankranthi race. The film stars Ravi Teja and Shruti Hassan in the lead roles and Tamil actor Samudra Khani as the villain. Krack has been released as the third film in the Gopichand Malineni, Ravi Teja combination after hit films ‘Don Srinu’ and ‘Balupu’. It is seen that most of the mass movies released for Sankranthi have been successful. The movie ‘Krack’ has now joined that list. Though there is nothing new in the story of the film, the mass scenes that the audience like and the music provided by Thaman made the film a hit. The scene where the wolves attack and the rowdies come to kill Shruti Hassan are the big highlight of the movie. Fans can see the Mass angel of Ravi Teja after a long time in this movie. He did a one-man show in the film with dialogue delivery, comedy, and action. Also, we cannot say that all the songs are brilliant in the movie album, but the item song is very catchy. The dance moves of Apsara Rani and Ravi Teja makes people dance to this song. In this movie, Katari Krishna as Samudra Khani and Varalakshmi as Jayamma show a new angle to vilianism. This movie is a big Sankranthi gift for Ravi Teja’s fans who are looking for a super hit.

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