'Bangaru Bullodu' coming on January 23

Allari Naresh, who once made 8 films a year, is now taking a little gap and choosing films very carefully. With the super hit film ‘Maharshi’, Allari Naresh came back to form and is back with comedy genre that gave him many hits. Allari Naresh is starring in the upcoming comedy film ‘Bangaru Bullodu’. This film is set to release on January 23. The movie team is releasing promos as the release date approaches. These promos are also very funny. By seeing these movie teasers and promos, we can understand how comic the movie is going to be. The film stars Pooja Jhaveri opposite Allari Naresh and the movie is produced by Anil Sunkara. The film is being directed by a new director Giri Palika. Sai Karthik is composing the music for the film. Allari Naresh’s comedy film which will be released after a long time is building good expectations among comedy lovers. We have to wait till January 23 to see the success range of the movie ‘Bangaru Bullodu’.

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