Tollywood actress Shraddha Das mesmerizing with her new look

Actress Shraddha Das entered the Telugu film industry with the film Sidhu from Srikakulam. The film gave her a lot of recognition as a glamorous heroine. It has been over a decade since her debut in the industry. Shraddha is currently acting in Hindi, Bengali and Kannada films along with a few projects in Telugu. Shraddha is acting not only in films but also in web series. Shraddha is constantly posting on social media and connecting to her fans. she keeps posting glamorous photos of herself and mesmerizes everyone. Currently, Shraddha is in Chennai  where there are heavy rains due to the ongoing cyclone. Shraddha used the hashtag #chennai #rains. Her post shows that she is staying in the Novatel Hotel in Chennai. Shraddha looks stunning in a green colort-shirt and casual pants. Shraddha has proved it yet again that exposing isn’t necessary to look glamorous.

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