Vishwak Sen to launch My South Diva 2021 calendar

Like every year, this year too the My South Diva Celebrity Calendar is coming up. The 12 heroines from the South are going to appear in this calendar. Each month each heroine is going to appear on this calendar. Mass Ka Das Vishwak Sen is not only launching My South Diva 2021 Calendar but also Q9 Clicks 2021 Calendar, along with the official website of the Media9. These stylish photoshoots were shot by a renowned photographer of  Media9 Manoj Kumar. Making-videos related to this calendar photoshoots is already streaming on YouTube. The calendar includes actresses like Shriya Sharan, Malvika Sharma, Catherine, Ruhani Sharma, Shraddha Das, Simrat Kaur, Sanchita Shetty, and Apoorva Srinivasan. Q9 clicks will also be launched along with My South Diva Calendar. New artists will be introduced to the industry through this calendar. The Media9 website will also be available to reach out to the audience with news of events in the South Indian film industry. This website will provide content in Telugu as well as English.

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