Tollywood actor Prakash Raj joins clap teams

Actor Prakash Raj is a legend who has won thousands of fans in Tollywood with his performances in a variety of roles. The senior actor is also filling enthusiasm in the team members of his upcoming film. Prakash Raj is currently working on the film titled ‘clap’. He plays a very important role in the film. The shooting of the film started recently. Prakash Raj's arrival has brought new enthusiasm to the entire team. Prakash Raj also spoke to the movie team and laughed with them. Adi Pinisetti is playing the lead in the film and Asika Singh is the leading lady. Big Print Pictures and Sharwant Ram Creations are jointly producing this film. Chaitan Bharadwaj, who has composed music for R,X-100, Drona 369 and Manmadudhu-2, is composing music for the film. Cameraman Daniel Vishwas is being introduced through this film.

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