Tollywood actor Nani’s selfie goes viral in social media

These days, social media is buzzing with a varieties of memes. There are so many pages working to create memes on social media adding a different funny side to events. The most familiar word to those who follow these memes is "Aipaye". Now actor Nani is using the same word to convey that he is also following social media. He posted a selfie with the caption "December, 2020, aipaye (it's over)". We know that the Telugu industry is currently suffering due to the corona pandemic. It’s already December. 2020 will be completed in another month’s time. It is understood that Nani tweeted in this context. The actor is currently very busy with series of movies. "Tuck Jagdish" starring Nani is in the shooting stage and will be completed soon. From the beginning of next year, Nani will also be working on Shyam Singh Roy. After that, Nani will be making Sundaraniki, directed by Vivek Atreya.

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