Naga Shaurya admits to movies in a row

Naga Shourya has expanded his range and market with the movie Chalo. There was a lot of change in his choice of films after that movie. Naga Shourya has been making films with new directors and new stories. This thing makes sense when you watch his movie lineup. The shooting of the movie ' Varudu Kavalenu' is completed. Along with this film, he is also completing Lakshya film. He also announced two more films on the occasion of his birthday. One being ' Police Vaari Hecharika', and other yet to named. While Police Vaari Hecharika is being directed by Rajendra another film is being directed by Sreeman.  Naga Shourya was busy acting as a hero in 4 movies at once. He is trying all these films this year itself. Also, there was a good response to the Lakshya movie teaser released on Naga Shourya's birthday and Varudu Kavalenu. Especially the Naga Shourya look in Lakshya movie surprises everyone. Naga Shourya, who has been seen in the Lover Boy look till now, has done bodybuilding at once and appeared in lakhsya.

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