Another heart rescue by superstar

Mahesh Babu has repeatedly proved that he is a superstar even in real life. With the courtesy of Andhra Hospitals, Mahesh Babu has already saved over a thousand hearts. Mahesh Babu once again expressed his generous heart. Mahesh Satyamani Namrata Shirodkar informed about the rescue of Sheikh Rihan through her social media account. "Another wonderful recovery, Very happy to be that Sheik Rihan, who underwent surgery for the Tetralogy of Fallotis, fully recovered and discharged. I wish him full health. Andhra Hospitals-Healthcare would like to thank them on this occasion," Namrata posted. Meanwhile, Mahesh Babu will be busy once again in terms of the movies. Mahesh Babu, who has been away from shootings for a year, will join the Sarkaru vaari paata shooting later this month.

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