Theatres have been reopened and screening films

The corona virus situation in the country is slowly coming to normal. Wearing masks and washing hands have become mandatory for all. Recently, theaters in the state have started with all the precautions with the permission of the Andhra and Telangana governments. Hollywood movie Tenet was released today in almost all the multiplexes of Hyderabad. Tollywood celebrities have been going to the theaters watch the Tenet film and posting about it on social media. Sai Dharam Tej also posted a video through his social media account. In Hyderabad, all the precautions are being taken in multiplexes, the time has come for movie lovers to enjoy cinema again. Director Maruti also went to watch the film with his friends. Some theaters are already playing movies that were released before lockdown. On December 11, Ram Gopal Varma's coronary virus is going to be released first. On December 25, Sai Dharam Tej Solo Bratuke So Better are likely to open in theaters.

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