The Mega Star SAM-JAM Mega Promo is finally out now

As we know that Samantha Akkineni is hosting a new celebrity talk show. Five episodes till now are being streamed, as a part of making new episode special, Mega Star Chiranjeevi is going to be the next guest of the show. This  episode is going to be telecasted on 25th December as Christmas special. But before that the team of SAM-JAM released the promo of Mega Star Chiranjeevi. It is clearly being understood that this episode is going to be filled with a lot of fun. Chiranjeevi being shown how angry he was in one of his childhood pic after showing it, he said " It's ok what's wrong in being angry? , I thought Anyways, who is going to watch it? , but today, millions of people are watching it" this he said jovially. Also he was very happy by a sketch of Chiranjeevi done by a kid where the boy used only his mouth to draw it . " meeting you is my luck " he said this to the kid who had drawn his sketch and in the end of the promo Chiranjeevi is been blindfolded where he tries to flip dosa which is another exciting element so lets see how exciting will be the episode.

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