The Massiest Folk Song "Thaggedhe Le" a Special Number from Thaggedhe Le out now!!

Bhadra Productions first production titled Thaggedhe Le is a new age crime thriller with young hero Naveen Chandra playing the lead role and Srinivas Raju of Dandupalyam fame helming it.

After impressing with first look and intriguing teaser, the makers have come up with the Sizzling special number titled "Thaggedhe Le". The song was unveiled by Raj Tarun and he wished the entire team the best.

This Massiest Folk Song has put everyone in trance with the mass beats and Naina Ganguly's sizzling moves. While the promo showed few amazing dances, the lyrical video is something else. Scored by Charan Arjun, the song hits you right away the moment you listen to it.

The massy beats energy and Naina Ganguly’s oomph factor will help this song connect instantly with the masses. Charan Arjun penned lyrics for this song. Thaggedhe Le has enough zing in it to rock the music charts in the coming days. Mohana Bhogaraju, Charan Arjun and Sharath Ravi crooned this massy number mesmerizingly.

Divya Pillai and Ananya Sengupta are the leading ladies in the film, while Nagababu, Danny Kuttappa, Ravi Kale, Makarand Deshpande, Ayyappa Sharma, Naveen Chandra, Pooja Gandhi, Raja Ravindra and Ravi Shankar will be seen in important roles. Venkat Prasad handles cinematography, while Charan Arjun scores the music. Garry BH is the editor.

The film is slated for release soon.


Naveen Chandra
Divya Pillai
Ananya Sengupta
Naina Ganguly
Ravi Shankar
Raja Raveendar
Naga Babu
Ayyappa Sharma
Pooja Gandhi
Makrandh deshpande
Ravi kale


Director : Srinivas Raju
DOP : Venkat Prasad
Music Director : Charan Arjun
BGM : Chinna
Editor : Garry BH
Art Director : Kiran Kumar Manne
Fights : Venkat
Publicity Designer: Anil and Bhanu
PRO : Vamsi Kaka
Executive Producer: Raja Raveendar
Producer : Prem Kumar Pandey, N Akhilesh Reddy, P V Subba Reddy
Banner : Bhadra Productions

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