The Blockbuster "Vaishali" duo Director Arivazhagan and Actor Aadhi collaborate for a spine-chilling horror movie titled Sabdham!!!

Aadhi plays the lead role in the maiden production of director Arivazhagan

Chennai (December 15, 2022): Aalpha Frames director Arivazhagan & 7G Films Siva are jointly producing a film titled 'Sabdham', directed by Arivazhagan, featuring Aadhi as the lead character. The movie was launched yesterday (December 14, 2022) with a simple ritual Pooja ceremony.

Director Arivazhagan carved a niche of excellence in the Tamil film industry with his debut movie Eeram. Far-famed for crafting thriller movies laced with his unique signature of riveting screenplay, he has delivered many blockbuster hits. He is now kick-starting a new journey as a producer with Sabdham, which has Aadhi playing the lead role. It is noteworthy that he garnered phenomenal reception for his performance as  protagonist in Eeram.

Music director Thaman, who composed music for Eeram, is scoring music for this movie.

Apart from wielding megaphone for this film, Arivazhagan is penning the screenplay as well. Sabdham will be a spine-chilling horror thriller and will be completely different from Eeram.

The crewmembers of the film attended the launch, which was a ritual pooja ceremony. While Aadhi performs the lead role, the announcement on others in the cast and technical crew will be out soon.

Cast: Aadhi Pinisetty

Technical Crew:
Writer, Director, Line Producer: Arivazhagan
Producer: 7G Siva
Banners: 7G Films, Aalpha Frames
Co-Producer: Bhanupriya Siva
Music Director: Thaman S
DOP: Arun Bathmanabhan
Editor: Sabu Joseph
Art Director: Manoj Kumar
Stunts: Stunner Sam
Stills : D. Maneksha
Marketing & promotion: DEC
Executive Producer: R Balakumar
PRO: Vamsi-Shekar

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