The arrival of Master is celebrated

Master is also one of the films released for Sankranthi. Tamil star hero Vijay Thalapathy, Vijay Sethupathi, Arjun Das, Andrea, played the lead roles. Directed by young talented director Lokesh Kangaraj, the film has been released in Tamil, as well as in 3 other languages. Every frame of the film, starring Vijay as a one-man show, impresses the audience. The director has brilliantly screened the scenes. The story went awry but it was screened without boring the audience. The social aspect was taken as a story object and it was put in front of us with a commercial twist. The master seemed like a full meal to the audience who were starving after enduring a 9-month lockdown. Vijay Sethupathi, who grew up to be a star hero in Tamil, is the main attraction of this film. As long as he is present, he will turn the audience towards him with his acting on the screen. Especially in the scenes with Vijay, however, both Vijay's gave their Best Performance in this film.
The role of the technicians was crucial in the success of the film. Anirudh was once again impressed with his music. Cinematographer Sathyan Suooryan enlivened the film with his work and turned every frame into a painting. Editor Philomen Raj proves his talent. Overall the films were released and the master also seemed to hit. it would be a good choice to see the film in the theaters.

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