'Kala Pipasi' Tanikella Bharani

Tanikella Bharani started his career as a writer and earned a special place for himself as an actor during that period. His greatness lies in his every role as a comedian, villain, and supporting actor. Tanikella Bharani is a great man who introduced shivatatva, on the one hand, while continuing acting in the films on the other.

Tanikella Bharani was born on 14 July 1956 in Secunderabad. His parents are Mr. Tanikella Ramalingeswara Rao and Mrs. Lakshmi Narasamma. Ramalingeswara Rao came to Hyderabad in 1938 and settled in the Endagandi area near Bhimavaram in the West Godavari district. Ramalingeswara Rao, who was pious, patriotic, and service-minded, used to collect rice, pulses, clothes, etc., and provide them to the victims during storms and disasters in the state. He is also an expert in Indian and Bhagavatas' Yogasanas.   Sri Divakar Venkatavadhani, a distinguished literary figure, and scholar is a relative to him. Tanikella Bharani has three elder brothers and three younger brothers. completed his schooling and intermediate at Secunderabad Railway School, Junior College, Bharani then graduated in B.Com Commerce. He had a keen interest in acting in plays since childhood.

In the 1970s, while playing Tanikella Bharani plays, he came in contact with famous actor Rallapalli. With the encouragement of Rallapalli, Bharani started writing short dialogues and scenes and later earned a diploma in drama from Osmania University. Self-written plays and poems were printed like books. Bharani has written and acted. He did dialogues for plays, magazines, voice acting, and early television serials on Akashavani. but he used to like doing negative roles in plays.

Ramaraja Hanumantrao, who saw the play "Chal Chal Gurram" written by Tanikella Bharani, took him to Vamsi Garu one day early in the morning saying that he would introduce him to Vamsi Garu through Rallapalli Garu. Vamsi is taking care of editing  'Gopemma chethilo song' while going inside. After getting acquainted with each other, Vamsi asked 'will you write comedy'. Bharani replied I will. Then he told Bharani a situation and told him to take time for a week and write seven scenes. Similarly, Bharani went home and wrote down seven scenes in the evening. When he heard the jokes which Bharani wrote he laughed so much and after When Bharani finished saying, 'You are my next film writer', Vamsi said. Already finished shooting the preminchu pelliadu. But he insisted on doing something with it and wrote a comedy track before the titles. Ramojirao sent a reward of Rs 2,000 to Bharani for the film. The tragedy is ... the reward was stolen by Rallapalli's assistant.

During this time, Tanikella Bharani slowly started acting in movies. He acted in the movie kanchu kavacham where Suman played the lead role. Bharani also provided dialogues for the film. Later he started making films with Vamsi Garu in a row. But sometimes Vamsi would curse "What are these scenes" ... Sometimes Bharani would cry for it. The ladies' tailor story was also told to him at that time. And with that movie, the Vamsi-Tanikella Bharani combination became sensational. After that, Sri Kanaka Mahalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe (1987), Varasudochhadu (1988), Chettu Kinda Pleader (1989), Swara Kalpana (1989), Shiva (1989),  Lingababu Love Sorry ... He has done a lot of films like this. Vamsi Garu while shooting ladies tailor saw the way Bharani was explaining to actors how to act he felt good and said to Bharani " you have a great actor inside you," Then Bharani said "I am a stage actor sir" which made him later to gave the role of Dorabhabu to Bharani Gari in the movie Kanakamalakshmi Recording Dance Troupe. There was a good response to the dialogue "Sita tho Adanta Veeji Kadu".he also wrote a song in the movie "Gundammagari Manavudu" by himself and sang it.

However, his most famous film at the time was 'Shiva'. The role of 'Nanaji' played by Bharani in the film received a tremendous response. However, Bharani has a short story to tell about the chance of this film. That means Ramgopal Verma was introduced to Bharani through Shivanageswara Rao during the shooting of the movie 'Raugarillu'. He was fluent in English at the time. That is why 'this fellow is an English medium man'.Ram Gopal Varma and Bharani became well connected as the people around introduced themselves. One time when he got a phone call from Ramu, he went away. By the time I got there, RGV was sitting in the director's chair in the Annapurna studio office. Bharani was shocked and RGV said that he is going to direct a movie 'then' .. 'I don't know if you will write for my film or not, but your company is good for me' said Ramu. Then RGV told the story of the movie shiva. A few days later, Bharani wrote the First half of the movie wrote the dialogues, and took them to RGV. By then working with Vamsi had made him write comedy since he did a lot of films and he was well affected. Bharani filled the Shiva script with so much comedy. Verma was shocked to see the script. He said It's a serious film, not a single comedy dialogue will be in it . ' he wrote that script as asked by RGV thinking in his mind 'but this would be a flop'. And after the release of Shiva movie, everyone knows how big a hit it was. after the release of the movie. Actually, some other actor was asked to do the 'Nanaji' character in it. But he said he is busy with his call sheet. One day Ram Gopal Varma said 'Bharani, do Nanaji role". By writing the script .. Bharani has an idea of ​​how the character should be .. in mind. Nanaji, a young man from the Yadava region of Telangana, since Bharani was also born and raised there. So, after a while, he went to Ramu Gari with lunchi, pajamas, amulet, and pan in his mouth chewing it went and stood before RGV and he like it and said"it is perfect this is what I want '.

He got a lot of good roles in a row due to the Shiva movie. After that, chevulo pullu, Jagadeka Veeru Atiloka Sundari, and Appula Apparao became super hits and brought a good name to Bharani as an actor. Since he did a role of a sadist in the movie chevulo puvu one day on his way somewhere he gets off at Nellore station, then a tiffin cart driver looked at him and scolded him. Bharani played such an impactful role in the film. He also co-wrote the story for some of the films he starred in. Movies like Money Money, Yamalila, and Ghatotkachudu also earned him a good reputation as a writer.

While Bharani has been cultivating comedy in films like Ammo Okato Taruku, he has done roles with negative shades. Especially in this movie, the scenes like selling Charminar to Brahmanandam are very funny and in the movie "Aame" he is also got praised for his role as a villain in the movie.

The blockbuster hit film Yamalila, which came out in 1994, made Tanikella Bharani act in a series of films without being a writer. After this movie, Bharani got about 27 movie opportunities. and especially the dialogues like " nee cheyli pelli jerugali Marli Marli" have made the audience bust out with laughter.

Bharani also acted in the lead role in the Hindi film 'Maine Tere Pyar Mein Pagal'. Krishna vamshi told the story of Samudhram to Bharani and said that the chepalla Krishna character in the movie should be done by him. Bharani accepted the role after hearing the words of Krishna Vamsi, who is well known for working for the movie Shiva. However, it is said that after seeing Bharani's performance during the shooting of the film, Prakash Raj took a gap in the shooting and worked on his role, and came back and acted.

Teja was one of the directors who gave good roles to Bharani after that. Bharani was introduced to Teja while making the film 'Shiva'. Teja is the assistant cameraman for the film. However, one day in 1999, Uttej phoned Bharani and said, "Teja is reluctant to tell you a story. There is a role in it. He is thinking that you would be asking for more remuneration ?" For which he replied Okay, give me his number ',  Bharani himself called Teja and Asked him to narrate the story. He said. ‘I really liked your story. I do. All you have to do is give me a rupee after the movie has been released and played for a few days, 'said Bharani. The  Ushakiran Movies produced this movie. Bharani's character in the movie 'Nuvvu Nenu' won the award and brought him good recognition. Another highlight of the movie is that after that movie, Bharani went to Vizag to shoot another movie. He was going in a car, and all he can see was the movie ' nuvu nenu' hundred-day poster. Tanikella Bharani was the only one on the poster. Usually hero and heroin and seen in the posters so, He immediately calls Teja and asks about this and he replies, 'Sir, you are our hero.' Tears welled up in Bharani's eyes at that word. He framed the poster and put it in his house.

After playing a variety of roles in many films, Bharani also got a good name in films like Manmadhudu, okariki okaru, Samba, Malleshwari, etc. Especially Bharani was given special roles in films written and directed by Trivikram. The role of Naidu in the movie  "Athadu" starring Mahesh babu made him very famous. The only dialogue he says in this role is still going viral on social media. The dialogue "Vadu Magadra Bujji" became so popular that the film also got its name. The film, directed by Trivikram, was released on August 10, 2005, and was a huge success. Bull Reddy's roles in the Jalsa, as a father in the movie July, were well-received.

Bharani, in a movie called mithunam, showed how a newlywed couple can be together even in their sixties. With the story provided by Sriramana, The film is directed by Tanikella Bharani and SP Balasubramanian and Lakshmi in the lead roles. Their performance as an elderly couple is impressive. The philosophy of life is embedded in their love affair. The actors brought these characters to life. Plays like Kanyashulkam never but never come. Poets like Sri Sri are never but born. It is rare to have a versatile intellectual like Balasubramaniam. Balu has shown his amazing acting skills in the movie Mithunnam. In this picture, there is a nice song of coffee. There is a fun song on avocado. Balasubramaniam gave life to these two songs. In the role of Appadasu in the film, Balu showed all his artistic prowess. The scene where Appadas talks to Gomata is touching. The film is produced by Anand Muida Rao. The scenes were shot in Vavilavalasa village in the Srikakulam district. Bharani had earlier made short films and received awards. 'Mithunam' is a full-fledged film. The film revolves around an elderly couple. The story revolves around the philosophy of life whose love affair is the main theme. A Malayalam film has been made in the past on the same story. But it did not see a large audience. However, Bharani has screenplayed the story in a way that is understandable to the present generation and designed for everyone to see.

After this film, he got busy as an actor again without directing another film. Thus, the blockbuster hit of Pawan Kalyan's Gabbar Singh movie starring him as a villain. Kondal Rao's role in the movie.  Seethamma Vakitllo Sirimalle Chettu was also a hit for him. And in the movie Temper which came later, Those who saw the scene between NTR and Bharani Garu in the climax could not help but shed tears.

Tanikella Bharani has acted with the same enthusiasm in all the films from the great directors of the day to the newcomers of today. We can understand this if we look at the roles he has played in the films of the new directors. He has acted in over 500 films as an actor and is also the writer of over 50 films.

On the other hand, Bharani, who has been working tirelessly in the literary world, is described as 'Pumbhava Saraswati'. Bharani, who has written works like Parikini, Nakshatra Darshan, Matras, etc., has written many articles inspiringly describing the life stories of the great. These were brought out as a book under the title 'endharo mahanu bhavullu".

Bharani, a mystic, wrote and released several CD albums, writing and singing Shiva philosophies for everyone to understand. Some of these were sung by famous singers SP Balasubramanian, singers Janaki, Nithya Santoshini, Nihal, and others. He has authored books such as 'Aata Kadara Shiva', 'Sebbash Rashiva' and 'Shiva chilukalu'.

He has read self poetry at various literary events in the country and abroad. Tanikella Bharani has been singing 'Atta Kadara Siva' on various world stages like Dubai and America to soothe people from all walks of life. Tanikella Bharani has won numerous national and international awards for his creative directing talents such as 'Ink', 'Bluecross' and 'The Last Farmer'.

Bharani gives high priority to Telugu cultural traditions, family values ​​, and human values. 'The Last Farmer' tells the story of his love for reading books, green nature, and avocado. His concern for environmental protection.

Along with such films, Tanikella Bharani is gaining the favor of millions of Telugus by excelling in various fields. Bharani, who is known as a sociable person, has earned many devotees with his personality.

Tanikella Bharani married Durga Bhavani in 1988. The couple has two children, Teja and Soundarya Lahari. His son Teja played the hero in the 2012 film lavangam. But that movie didn’t play out that big at all. Teja is now looking after the films aside from the traders.

Tanikella Bharani won the 'Nandi Award' for Best Villain for his performance in the film Samudra. Bharani also received another 'Nandi Award' for Best Character Artist for his performance as the father of the heroine in 'Nuvvu-Nenu'.
Bharani Garu won the Nandi Award for a Best writer for his film Mithunam. He also received the Cine Maa Award in the Special Jury category for Best Director for the same film. Apart from these, he has received many awards for his works and plays.
The short film Sira, directed by Bharani Garu, has won many awards internationally. He considers this short film to be the best work of his life.

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