Taapsee turns Rashmi rocket

Tapsee, who shifted her base from Tollywood to Bollywood, has earned good success and critical acclaim with movies like Pink, Badla and Thappad. This beauty earned very good marks for her performance in B-town.
Taapsee, who is busy with the hand full of films, continues to be active on social media as well. Now, 'Rashmi Rocket' is acting in the film. Taapsee took training to look fit as an athlete for the film. This training has been done. Taapsee posted a video on her Instagram. The latest full video of the training has been shared on his Imstagram for fans.  In this video, Taapsee shared what kind of person she was, how she worked for her mentality and training as a child. Taapsee said, "When I was six years old, I won the running race. I am very competitive. I'm running for Rashmi Rocket again. I looked at the first line and the last line and thought I could run in training. I remembered my school days again. I told my trainer that I have to be transferred naturally," Taapsee shared her training experiences.

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