Vishwak Sen’s Interesting Avatar In "Mukhachitram"!!

Touted to be an intense action drama, Mukhachitram, featuring Vikas
Vasistha, Priya Vadlamani, and Chaitanya Rao garnered attention with
its good teaser.
The teaser implied that the film is an actioner with a love drama
backdrop and it had the right intensity.

The makers have made a big announcement now by stating that young
Telugu actor, Vishwak Sen is playing an important role in the film.
The related announcement poster shows Vishwak in a lawyer avatar and
he looks dapper in the same.

Vishwak apparently plays a pivotal role in the film.  Vishwak’s
addition adds to the hype on the film. His dynamic presence might add
to the excitement on the film. It will also boost the box office
prospects of the film.

It has to be seen how Vishwak’s character has been blended into the
film, which is directed by Gangadhar. The story is provided by
Sandeep, who previously rolled out Color Photo.

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