Suspenseful crime thriller 'Cheater' made on a rich scale on a budget of Rs 2.5 Cr!!

The theatrical release is happening soon!

'Cheater' is the title of a suspenseful crime thriller starring Chandrakanth Dootha and Rekha Nirosha as the lead pair. Narayana Barla has directed it. SRR Productions has successfully wrapped up its production works. Producer Parupathi Srinivas Reddy invested Rs 2.5 Cr in the movie, whose post-production works are currently on.

Speaking about the content film, director Narayana Barla said, "Our movie is a crime thriller with superb action sequences. Our producer allotted a budget of Rs 2.5 Cr at the outset. Within that budget, I have executed a rich-looking product. The film comes with an amazing story and a riveting screenplay. Post-production works are currently on. The plan is to release the movie soon."

Producer Parupathi Srinivas Reddy said, "When the director approached me with an amazing story, I took up the project and decided to invest Rs 2.5 Cr. He has made a high-quality product. The visuals in the backdrop of Goa, Araku and Hyderabad are extraordinary."

Title: Cheater
Cast: Chandrakanth Dootha, Rekha Nirosha, Radhika, Anitha, Babu Rao, Gouthi Raju, Mallesh and others
Cinematographer: Govind Babu
Music Director: Arjun
Editor: Sri Krishna
Story, screenplay, and director: Narayana Barla
Producer: Parupathi Srinivas Reddy

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