Suriya tests positive for Corona

Although people are no roaming around freely without fearing a lot about Covid19, its impact has not yet subsided. A lot of people from Tollywood have been tested positive for the virus. While some of them fought and conquered the virus, some of them couldn't beat it. Legendary singer SPB fell prey to it. No matter how much care is taken, such incidents happen because of the small mistakes we make once in a while. Star heroes are no exception. It is known that the famous heroes Ram Charan and Varun Tej have recovered from a heavy fall. Now popular actor Surya also tested positive for Covid19. Sudden tests showed he was positive. He shared this on his Twitter platform. "I was diagnosed Covid positive. I am currently recovering. Life hasn't gone back to normalcy yet so we should all be cautious and take proper precautions. My thanks to the fans who love me and the doctors who take care of me, ” he shared. His fans, hope he recovers quickly. He is currently starring in the upcoming film 'Vadivasal' directed by Vetrimaran.

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