Thalaiva Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth has gained fans all over the world with his acting style. Rajinikanth, who started his career as a bus conductor and grew up to be an Indian superstar, never shows that craze and popularity. Rajini, who impresses with his style in movies, looks like a normal man on the outside. That pride of his success which includes breaking the Indian box office records many times with his films has never been observed he is indeed a kind and humble man.

Rajinikanth was born on December 12, 1950, to Ramoji Rao Gaikwad and Jijabai to a Marathi family who migrated from Maharashtra to Karnataka. His real name is Shivajirao Gaikwad. Shivajirao has one elder sister Aswat Balubhai and two brothers Satyanarayana Rao and Nageswara Rao. Movies have been his favorite to him since he was a child. Rajinikanth's mother Jijabai died when he was 10 years old. Rajini first started his career as a conductor in Bangalore Transport. His salary for that job was 180 rupees. His way of giving tickets on the bus at that time was very stylish. He also occasionally performed mythological plays on stage.

He once played the role of Duryodhana in a play. Everyone who saw his performance in the play was amazed. Rajini mesmerized everyone with his performance. His friend Raj Bahadur encouraged Rajini to try acting in the movies and said that he will bear the financial need of it. So Rajinikanth trained in acting with the help of Raj Bahadur. Rajinikanth experienced a lot of hardships while training like that. His friend Chandra Shekhar was given the chance to direct the Kannada film Pulibanthu Puli as he was the director. However, Rajinikanth was not given any role in the film, he was sent off by saying that there was no role that suits him in the film. sir Balachander one day saw the play in which Rajinikanth performed so sir Balachander cast Rajini in his movie Apoorva Ragangal in the year 1975 and since the real name of Rajini which was Shivajirao Gaikwad was a bit unsuitable sir Balachander suggested the name Rajinikanth but after this movie, Rajinikanth was a bit irregular to work and he got fired from his job as RTC conductor.

Even though his first film Apoorva Ragangal was a super hit, he did not get the chances immediately. However, Rajinikanth's friend Naga Bhushan played a negative role in the Kannada film Baalu Jenu was directed by him. His name in the film was his real name Shivaji Raja Gaikwad. He also got another chance in the Kannada film Katha Sangama. After that, Rajinikanth was again given the role of a drunkard in the Telugu movie Anthuleni Katha by Bala Chander. The character received a good response at the time. It is said that Balu Chander slapped Rajini for not doing a scene properly in this role. The movie Released in 1976. This is the first Telugu film starring Rajini. Soon after, Rajinikanth played the negative role as Kamal Haasan's friend in the movie Moondru Mudichu, which was directed by Bala Chander.

In 1977, Rajini acted in almost all the negative roles in 15 films. By the year 1978, he acted in more than 20 films. Bhairavi, in which he played the lead, received a good response and was a hit at the box office. That's when he got the title of superstar. Rajini completed 50 films in 4 consecutive years. Rajinikanth became a superstar in the South after hitting a blockbuster hit with the 1980 Hindi remake movie Billa. Rajinikanth entered Bollywood in 1983 with the film Anda Kanoon. The film co-starred Rajini and Amitabh Bachchan. By 1985, Rajini had made his 100th film with Sri Raghavendra, playing the role of his idol Raghavendra Swamy.

The movie that gave Rajini the biggest hit in Bollywood was Bewafi. In this movie, Rajesh Khanna plays the hero while Rajini plays the villain. The film, which came out in 1985, broke all records at the time. It was the biggest hit of the year with collections of nearly 11 crores. He also starred in the 1988 Hollywood film Blood Stone.

After the blockbuster hit Panakkaran in 1990, in 1991 Rajini acted in the film Dalapathi directed by Mani Ratnam, who earned a great name as a director at the time. The film also stars Malayalam superstar Mammootty along with Rajini. Mani Ratnam based the film on the story of Karna in Mahabharata. Apart from being a super hit, the film also brought a good name to Rajinikanth's performance. Annamalai, which came after that, was also a blockbuster hit.

The movie which was released in 1995 under the direction of Suresh Krishna, 'Basha' was a huge success and made Rajinikanth a top star in India. In a way, it is a film that extends Rajinikanth's career for another twenty years. This film is the main reason for the huge growth of Rajinikanth's craze. After this, Rajinikanth avoided multi-starrer Hindi films, avoided doing two or three films a year, went into a one-year-one film mode, and was able to grow his market well. Rajinikanth benefited from his role in the 1991 film 'Hum'. In the movie, Amitabh is played a role of a big don who leaves everything for his family gained for Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth has newly developed that point for 'Basha'. Rajini looks full energetic in this as it is a movie that came in the days of his good age and health. Nagma, who became a well-known actor in the movie 'Premikudu', got the chance to act next to Rajini in this film. Deva songs, background scores are advantages for movie success. And we know how many spoofs the ‘nenu oka sari cheputhey vandhasarrlu chepinatley ’ dialogue came up, in so many movies. We see the ‘Basha Formula’ trend in movies like ‘Samarasinghareddy’, ‘Narasimhanayudu’ and ‘Indra’. Basha Digitally Improved Print was released in 2017. Even after 20 years, the re-release of a film is a credit earned by Basha alone.

Mohan Babu's guest starrer 'Pedarayudu' starring Mohan Babu in two roles in Mohan Babu's movie Pedarayudu which came out in the same year was a sensation in history of Telugu cinema. The movie 'Pedarayudu' broke all the industry records till then. Moreover, the film has completed its Silver Jubilee in many centers. The film ran for over 250 days simultaneously at the Hyderabad Shanthi Theater. Besides, it made history that all the shows have been running with a house full for almost 200 days. In the Tamil version, Sarath Kumar and Vijay Kumar acted in the lead roles. Sir NTR was invited to the opening ceremony of the film he attended it and clapped for the movie The first scene was shoot between Mohan Babu and Rajinikanth. In this movie, the relationship between husband and wife, brother-in-law and son-in-law is very well portrayed. Rajinikanth did not take any remuneration for his performance in the film. Mohan Babu in particular gave a lifetime performance in the role of Pedarayudu. Sai Kumar's dubbing also played a key role in Rajinikanth's success in this film. Until then, Rajinikanth, who had been entertaining the Telugu audience with dubbed films till then, was a film star who acted directly in Telugu after many years.

Special mention should be made of Rajinikanth's movie Muthu. Apart from being a Silver Jubilee hit in Telugu and Tamil, the film was also dubbed in Japanese and became a smash hit there, grossing over Rs 16 lakh at the time. The song "Tillana Tillana" was liked by the Japanese audience so much.

The next movie Arunachalam was also a super hit. Rajini impressed everyone in both roles in the film. Padayappa which came out in 1999, was a huge sensation. At that time, it was the first film to be released worldwide with 200 prints. The role played by Ramya Krishna in this film brought her immense craze. She was praised for her bold performance in the film. Initially, the film was supposed to have two intervals but when director KS Ravikumar showed the film to Kamal Haasan, he advised him to edit the film without giving two intervals. However, the film was a super hit not only in Tamil but also in Telugu. Stood as. This is the last film in which Shivaji Ganesan played the lead role.

After a gap of a few years, Rajinikanth came forward with the film Baba. He also got credited with writing the screenplay for the film. Celebrating a pre-release business of nearly Rs 17 crore, the film suffered a major setback after its release.

However, after the Baba movie, political parties started criticizing Rajinikanth, He has been criticized for teaching young people nothing but smoking cigarettes. After receiving these criticisms, Rajini decided not to do any more films. However, his fans started pressuring him to make films.

It took Rajinikanth 2 years to accept Chandramukhi's film directed by P Vasu. The movie is about king Venkatapathi kills Chandramukhi, his boyfriend Gunasekhar, who came to teach dance in his kingdom. With this did Chandramukhi took revenge on King Venkatapati and stayed in the house in the form of a ghost to end him anyway. And how she got revenge.  Director Vasu handled the movie very well with horror and comedy. There is no need to say how big a hit Chandramukhi movie was. The audience was blown away by this movie which was released as a horror movie. The film played well in Tamil and Telugu everywhere and set a record of 890 days at the Shanti Theater in Tamil Nadu. Some of these movie records have not been broken till today.

Shivaji's 2007 film India became such a sensation. Rajini's remuneration for the film was Rs 27 crore, making it the highest-paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan. The film also set a record as the first Tamil film to gross Rs 100 crore. With Shivaji, it has been proved that South Indian movies are no less than Bollywood movies. The film is directed by Shankar. The movie combines action, comedy, and message. The film was played not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, and India. The film was also a hit in the international market. The film racked up dollars in countries like the US and UK. The film was also released in 3D in 2012.

In the same combination, the blockbuster film 'Robo' was directed by Shankar in 2010 with Rajinikanth as the protagonist. The direction of  Shankar, Rajini's acting like a robot, Aishwarya Rai's beauty has taken the film to another level. Rajini's performance in the role of Chitti Robo entertained everyone. especially the longer the climax sequence. The film set a record as the highest budget film in India at the time with a budget of around Rs 150 crore. The film made huge profits after its release. India was then shocked to see the visual effects of the robot movie. The film is still one of Rajinikanth's highest-grossing films. Before this film, Kamal Haasan was selected for the role. There was also a photoshoot of him. But due to other reasons, it did not happen. The film grossed over Rs 290 crore. Also dubbed as a Robo in Telugu, it has collected 70 crores. Soon after Robo,

Rajini was supposed to  Rana in a film directed by his daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth, but Rajinikanth did not go on the sets at the time due to illness so, the movie was made with the help of live animation the name Kochadaiiyaan then movie Lingaa did not collect as expected.

However, the sensation created by the movie Kabali in 2016 was not so much. At that time, the response to this movie teaser was huge. Kabali made history as the most-watched teaser in India. Also, some software companies have announced holidays before the release of the film. Also, for the first time in Tamil cinema, Kabali is a film dubbed in Malaysian. Air Asia India Airplane Company has for the first time promoted the Kabali poster to their special jet. This is the first time in India that Aero Planes has been promoted with posters

However, Rajinikanth's craze has not abated yet, with the release of Robo Part 2 in 2018 and 2.0 in 2019. The 2.0 movie grossed over Rs 500 crore with an average talk. The movie Darbar made after this movie, the results did not go as expected. Rajini is currently starring in the movie Annaatthe directed by director Shiva.

Rajinikanth married Lata Rangachari on February 26, 1981, who came to interview him. The couple has two daughters, Aishwarya Rajinikanth and Soundarya Rajinikanth.

Lata Garu runs a school called Ashram. His daughter Aishwarya Rajinikanth married Tamil actor Dhanush in 2004. They have two sons. His other daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth has also done some films in the film industry as a director. She married Ashwin Ram Kumar, an industrialist, in 2010. They have a son named Ved Krishna. Soundarya divorced Ram Kumar in 2017 and married actor Vishagan Venangamudi in 2019. Tamil music director Anirudh Ravichandran is the nephew of mrs. Lata Rajinikanth.

Rajinikanth means a lot to Amitabh. Rajini became addicted to bad habits while enjoying star status. Lost peace of mind. Then Amitabh gave him some advice. ‘Stay a few days at Swami Sachchidananda Ashram and see that will you find the peace you want. after that  Rajini went to the Himalayas for the first time. He visits the Himalayas even now for penance.

Leading actor Mohan baby is one of Rajinikanth's close friends. They share a strong friendship that is very rare in the film industry. Mohan Babu as well as Rajinikanth have said this many times in public. Similarly, Mohan Babu said about Rajini's friendship,  at the time of  padarayudu film shooting was  financially very difficult for him then, Rajini would come to Rajahmundry especially and give Mohan Babu 45 lakhs and say that the film would be a super hit." Everyone in the industry knows the bond between them. Mohan Babu compared him to Karna and Rajinikanth to Duryodhana.

Rajinikanth later wrote off his assets to a government trust. He saw that Raj Bahadur, who had helped him a lot in getting into movies, did not take any help from Rajini. Rajini meets Raj Bahadur in a flat in Bangalore in disguise.
He made a film called Valli for his friends who were involved in dramas with Rajinikanth and made a fixed deposit of the money from the success of the film to the children of his friends so that they could get money every month.

Rajinikanth has made his remark not only on the silver screen but also on television as a superstar. He participated in the show Into the Wild with Bear Grills on the American Discovery Channel. The show became known as the highest-rated show of the year. It is estimated that the show was watched by nearly 20 million people when it came on the Discovery Channel.

Rajinikanth has said many times that he grew up as an actor after watching Kamal Haasan's performance. Once upon a time, when the movie 'Avaragal' was being shot, Rajini was sitting somewhere outside. Knowing this, Balachandra became very angry. Immediately Rajinikanth rushed inside the set. Did you go out to smoke a ‘cigarette’? Watch carefully as Kamal is performing. That way, your performance will improve. ' With this, Rajini has been watching Kamal's performance closely ever since. However, he decided that if he wanted to excel in the industry where Kamal was, he would have to do something different.

Once Rajinikanth was walking along the roads in Bangalore having fun with his friends Raghunandan and Bahadur. Then Rajini took a bundle of five thousand rupees from his pocket and gave it to Raghu. And said"you have to spend on the way from Guddanahalli to Chamaraj‌Peta otherwise you have to pay back ten thousand. This is a bet. Raghu knows Shivaji's mind. First, they went to the street vendor and paid Rs.500 as their child was playing next door. Rajani and Bahadur watched from a distance as they bowed to Raghu. So they helped an old man with a cart, a boy picking up the papers, an elderly couple,  orphaned children, and distributed money to so many people. Such evenings and bets happiness in the eyes of the helpless rather than money papers continues to be made by those friends. Like Shivaji, Rajani helped many people in need.

Dalapathi was released on November 5, 1991. Already Rajinikanth has become a god to the people of Tamil Nadu. Mammootty, Rajinikanth combination, Mani Ratnam direction means craze is not normal. Five days before the film's release, on November 1, 1991, in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, a fan club called 'Thirayulaga Raja Makkal Nayagan Rajini Mandram' printed some posters. There are three photos on that poster. One is Karunanidhi, the other is Jayalalithaa and the third is Rajinikanth. Under their names, Karunanidhi (former CM), Jayalalithaa (current CM), Rajinikanth (future CM) were printed. About 100 posters were printed. 70 posters were pasted in some places in Trichy. A local paper noticed this and immediately took a photo of it and wrote a sensational article. That is, ‘Fans who want Rajinikanth to come into politics’ is the gist of the story. The thing becomes a big sensation. The police were immediately alerted. Called the fan community that printed those posters. And asked How many posters were printed in total? Asked how many were pasted? With this, they have printed 100, so far 70 have been pasted and another 30 will be available. The police immediately seized the non-stick ones. He warned that if he did such insane things again, he would have to file a case. Meanwhile, district fan club leaders went and spoke to the police after rumors surfaced that Rajinikanth fans were being harassed by the police. For the most part the dispute there was settled. The printing of fan posters, the police action for it, the reaction of the fans to it all came in all the papers, TVs also in the papers at the national level. Since then, the debate got over Rajinikanth's political debut has begun. Even after that, some fan groups printed posters on Rajinikanth's political entry.

Rajinikanth met P.V Narasimha Rao was the Prime Minister. Then once again there was a discussion on Rajini’s political debut. At that time, the Congress party was advised to leave the alliance with the AIADMK. If necessary, he will support the Congress party. But, P.V Narasimha Rao rejected Rajini's proposal. In the ensuing elections, Rajinikanth openly supported the DMK. The DMK won a solid victory in that election. Karunanidhi became the CM. Even after that, Rajinikanth has been coming here many times. Rajini has said that he will enter politics in 2017 and will contest when the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections are held. He announced that he would start a political party. He officially announced that he would be putting on a party on December 3rd. However, now while the movie Annattai was being shot in Hyderabad recently, some of them had a corona, and after that Rajini was treated at the Apollo Hospital for two days with high BP. He made it clear that he would not get into direct politics and would not join the party.

Rajinikanth has received many awards in the Tamil industry. His first Filmfare Award went to Nallavanuku Nallavan in 1984. Also, Rajini has won 6 Tamil Nadu State Awards for various films.

Kalaimamani to Rajinikanth from the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1984,  in 1989 he received M G R Awards. The Government of India honored him with the Padma Bhushan in the year 2000 and the Padma Vibhushan in 2016. The Maharashtra government also honored Rajinikanth with the Raj Kapoor Award.

Superstar Rajinikanth has been honored by the government with the 51st Dada Saheb Phalke Award. In his 46 years of film career, rajini has received many awards.

Superstar Rajinikanth has now dedicated the award to his friend Raj Bahadur. He was the first to recognize the actor in him. That is why Rajinikanth dedicated the Dada Saheb Phalke Award to him. Rajinikanth tweeted that he was dedicating the award to bus driver Raj Bahadur, who encouraged him to try his luck at movies. Rajini thanked everyone by name for receiving the Phalke Award. Rajini recalls that his bus driver Raj Bahadur recognized the actor in him while he was working as a bus conductor at the time.

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