Sumanth Racha in Funny With Harsha

Allu Arvind's Aha OTT platform has become massive platform for diverse content. Aha is entertaining Telugu audience with the right content. Currently, there are two celebrity talk shows running on this OTT platform. One of them is Sam Jam hosted by Samantha and the other is the Fun with Harsha. Fun with Harsha is the hot favourite among youth. The show features several aspects that are attracting the youth. By saying “no filters”, the team is also giving a hint of what to expect from the show. This talk show has already completed 6 episodes. Sumanth and Nandita Shweta are the guests in the seventh episode. The two have acted in the film ‘Kapatadhari’, which is set for a release. Promotions for the film have already begun. Sumanth and Nandita's  hungama on the show is quite entertaining. Download Aha today and don’t miss the fun.

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