Sukumar's wife Sudden Entry into Movie Production!!!

Director Sukumar's wife Tabitha has taken responsibility for Sukumar Writings. However, Sukumar will continue his mentorship. Since Tabitha is new to this field, so she will have proper guidance from Sukumar.

Going into details, Sukumar had lost his close friend Prasad who used to manage Sukumar's Writings. this Sukumar wanted someone close to him to take over the responsibility. As Tabitha's existing laundry and dry-cleaning business weren't doing well due to the covid pandemic situation, she gave sudden entry into movie production. Currently, Nikhil's 18Pages is bankrolled by GA2 Pictures in association with Sukumar Writings.

Meanwhile, Sukumar is busy with the Pushpa which is being made into two parts and it will be released simultaneously in five different languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.

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