Sudheer Babu, Abhilash Reddy Kankara, V Celluloids, CAM Entertainment’s Film Titled Maa Nanna Superhero!!

Sudheer Babu has been showing his versatility in picking a wide variety of subjects for his films. He is making sure each movie is different from the other. He has signed a content-rich movie with a novel story. Abhilash Reddy Kankara of Loser Series fame is directing the movie, while Sunil Balusu is producing it on V Celluloids banner, in association with CAM Entertainment.

The makers unveiled the title of the movie, on the special occasion of Father’s Day. A striking title Maa Nanna Superhero is locked and what better occasion can they get than this? The movie indeed is a father and son drama embarked on a soul-stirring journey, discovering the true meaning of love and connection. The title poster which sees a father and son on a road trip alone touches our hearts. The board shows a lottery ticket number and the winner’s prize money.

Aarna is the leading lady opposite Sudheer Babu in the movie that stars a stellar cast. Sai Chand, Sayaji Shinde, Raju Sundaram, Shashank, Aamani, Harshith Reddy, and Annie play the supporting roles. The technical crew includes Sameer Kalyani cranking camera, wherein Jay Krish provides music and Anil Kumar P takes care of editing.

Maheshwar Reddy Gojala is the creative producer of the movie for which Jhansi Gojala is the production designer. Alongside director Abhilash Reddy Kankara, MVS Bharadwaj and Shravan Madala are the writers of the movie. Raju Sundaram master who is playing an important role is also the choreographer.

The makers have announced to release the film in monsoon.

Cast: Sudheer Babu, Aarna, Sai Chand, Sayaji Shinde, Raju Sundaram, Shashank, Aamani, Harshith Reddy, and Annie

Technical Crew:
Banner: V Celluloids
In Association with: CAM Entertainment
Director: Abhilash Reddy Kankara
Producer: Sunil Balusu
DOP: Sameer Kalyani
Music Director: Jay Krish
Editor: Anil Kumar P
Creative Producer: Maheshwar Reddy Gojala
Production Designer: Jhansi Gojala
Costume Designer: Rajini
Choreography: Raju Sundaram
Writers: MVS Bharadwaj, Shravan Madala, Abhilash Reddy Kankara
PRO: Vamsi-Shekar

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