Stylish Regina

Regina Cassandra, who was introduced to the Telugu screen with film ‘SMS’ has made a special place for herself in the hearts of Telugu audiences with her acting talent and her beauty. Then, she entertained audiences with the films Saukhyam, Kotha Janta, Rara Krishnaiah and Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham and scored decent hits. Heroines attract everyone, not only for their acting but also for their fashion. Fashion is not just about looking beautiful, it is also about adopting new trends from time to time and can never get boring. When we wear a new dress, we are happy... fashion designers get happy when they make new designs and outfits based on new trends. Without following the rest of the countries, fashion designers in India are setting their own trends to suit Indian styles. They are constantly sharpening their creativity for new looks. As a result, the actresses from Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood celebrities are always in a new style according to the new trends. Follow. The photoshoot of Regina Cassandra is a proof of how the actress adopts new trends and new fashion looks from time to time.

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