SS Rajamouli Presents “MADE IN INDIA” – A Cinematic Tribute to the Birth and Rise of INDIAN CINEMA

Renowned filmmaker SS Rajamouli takes a momentous step into the heart of Indian cinema history with his latest venture, “MADE IN INDIA.” This cinematic masterpiece, directed by National Award winning Director Nitin Kakkar, is set to be a monumental tribute to the birth and meteoric rise of Indian cinema.
“MADE IN INDIA” promises to be an epic journey, unraveling the captivating story of the birth and rise of Indian cinema. This ambitious project is set to captivate audiences with its compelling narrative and visually stunning storytelling.
The film is being produced by Varun Gupta and SS Karthikeya under Max Studios and Showing Business production banners respectively. More details about cast and crew are awaited.

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