South -Indian films competing with Bollywood films.

Earlier there was not much market for South Indian films. On the other hand, South Indian movies that are remade in Hindi were super hits in Bollywood but there are very few movies that are released directly in Hindi and become popular. In South India, most of the Telugu movies were dubbed into Tamil, and Tamil movies were dubbed into Telugu.No matter how much craze our films had in the Southern languages. But now that situation does not exist. South Indian movies are collecting more than compared to Bollywood movies. Even in the case of the craze, we can know it by seeing the amount of craze which South Indian films like Bahubali, K.G.F, Sahoo. The real reason for this is Rajinikanth's robot movie was released in 2010. Everyone knows how big a hit this movie was.

The movie Robo was also dubbed in Hindi. While not a huge hit there, it has made it clear to many in India that Indian cinema is not the only refers to Bollywood. The Bahubali film made the South Indian films to be heard all over the country. With the encouragement given by the film Bahubali, many producers are now daring to release their films in Hindi as well. Saira Narasimha Reddy, K.G.F, Athade Srimannarayana keeping aside the success or failure of these films, the release of these films across the country can be considered as the first success. the response for Recently released R.R.R, Master teasers the teaser K.G.F-2 is proof of how the south Indian films are being watched by people all-round the world. Now soon R.R.R, Pushpa, Radhe Shyam, K.G.F-2 movies are being filmed with a huge budget as they are entering the market of Bollywood.

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