Sonu Sood Concert is going to telecast on M.TV

Sonu Sood is a villain in reel life but a true hero in real life. Whole India knows him especially the poor right from the lockdown in India Sonu Sood is helping the poor as much as he can and still helping them. By his true compassion towards people, Sonu Sood got a huge fan base where politicians and many high-paid actors are stepping back from helping poor Sonu Sood stood for them as Karna in kalyug. To help the poor he even put many of his assets as surety for which some people even built a temple of him. Recently Sonu Sood is going to participate in a music concert on M.TV, he advised everyone to watch it and make it successful, which he posted on his Instagram and said "music is the language which is understood by all #peace through music ".

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