Sithara shines in a cute photoshoot

Super Star Krishna’s lovely granddaughter Sithara needs no special introduce about herself. Sithara started impressing everyone at a very young age. She not only runs her own YouTube channel but is also very active on social media. On several occasions, Mahesh and Namrata revealed that Sithara is very naughty. Mahesh calls her Sithara Papa. Sithara Papa also has an Instagram account. She expresses her views on various topics on it. Sithara took the Covid test recently. She explained the importance of it and impressed everyone. Now, Sithara's latest pics are going viral on social media. She looks so lovely in a frills frock. Mahesh babu’s fans are mesmerized with her cute looks. Will Sithara make any entry in the movies, fans think? However she has so much time for it.

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