Singhania’s launched new bridal collection “Satvikam”

Hyderabad, 21 October, 2021: As a kid, it was always fascinating to go through your mother’s things, some of which she had inherited from her mother. When you see her getting dressed, draping those beautiful elegant sarees for functions and poojas looking like the goddess, you dream to wear those sarees one day, and with few blinks of the eye you find yourself looking in the mirror wearing the same saree, and it's your wedding day. And that's the heritage of the Kanjivaram saree.

On this bridal season, Singhania's launched new and elegant bridal collection of handcrafted kanjivaram tissue silk sarees ‘Satvikam’. Upcoming actress & Classical dancer Sandhya Raju(Natyam movie fame) launched it at Singhania’s Banjarahills store  on 21st October 2021.‌‌Kanjivaram tissue silk sarees are one of the most delicate and feminine forms of sarees. With a history of more than 400 years to kanjivaram saree, this collection is inspired by the architecture and sculptures from the ancient temples of Kanchipuram. The detailed works on these sculptures reflect in our collection.

On this occasion Mr.Sailesh Singhania, Director of Singhania’s said that In our Satvikam collection, we have enriched these elegant six yards with traditional colors with a pinch of sparkly modern touch. We present you auspicious colors of optimism, colors that convey youthful, fresh energy.  Colors that shine, uplift, and associate with royalty and confidence, we have launched 85 new collections, he added .

He says, The motifs and patterns in this collection do not just feel charismatic but also gives a symbolic connotation inspired from our own mythology and folklore. Motifs like Māṅkaṉi (mango), Mayil (peacock), Rudraksha, Vairam (diamond) and Chakram decorate this divine drape that is woven with love and care of the weavers.

We as Singhania's diligently welcome you to be a part of our journey where we showcase ‘Satvikam’ collection, woven and sourced from the small villages in Kanchipuram to this grand event. A journey that began with the vision of a weaver believing in his art to the masterpiece we are presenting to you today. This is not just a collection of silk sarees, this is the heritage of Indian culture.


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