Simran’s cute expressions captured

The heroine of the movie 'En Nagaraniki Emaind' Simran Choudhary impressed everyone with her cute dialogue "Chai Pasand Hai, Aati Chai Mereku Aata, Nakochu Nikocha". With her cute gimmicks, Simran made a place for herself in the hearts of her fans. Recently, the actress  Simran Chowdhury shared a photo on her Instagram. In the photo, the Tollywood beauty was wearing a black dress and she posed in a variety of expressions with different hairstyles. Sharing these photos, she wrote  that all these expressions are spontaneous . His first director Tarun Bhaskar also liked the photo. Simran will next be seen playing the leading lady in the movie, Produced by Advaya Jishnu Reddy and Shilpa Chowdhury under the direction of Gnanasagar Dwarka. The first look logo of the film was launched recently by actor Balakrishna. “We have recently started shooting for this film and have completed the first schedule. The first schedule went very well,”said Advaya Jishnu Reddy and  Shilpa Chowdhury.

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