Shruti Hassan's Role in the salar movie..!!

Shruti Haasan,  who recently came back to form with the movie Crack. She entered the film industry as Kamal Haasan's daughter But Now has made a name for herself. She has beauty and acting, takes a few wrong steps in the middle, corrects them, and goes on to make good films again.

Beauty Shruti Hassan is playing the female lead in the movie Salar, KGF director Prashanth Neel is Directing the film. it's a high-octane commercial entertainer and Prabhas will be seen in never before prabhas carrier, salar is one of the biggest anticipated films..

many reports came out that this role is just a camion would have V minimal screen presence in the entire film. irrespective of whether this report is true or not, we have some details of Shruti's role from 'Salaar'. She is said to be essaying a political journalist in the film and Respect of whether this report is true or not we have some details of Shruti stroll from sala she is said to be assigned a political journalist in the film and it's a significant one.

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